Disability Issues

Do you have a learning disability?

Do you find it difficult to cope with everday issues, or relationships because of a learning disability.
Overcoming disabilities

Could I have a mental health problem?

Are you one of the one in four people who  currently have some form of mental health problem .Mental distress can often first be noticed with mood changes. Lethargy, changes in sleep patterns, feeling antisocial may indicate the onset of depression. Conversely wanting to go out more, needing very little sleep, and feeling highly energetic, creative and sociable, may signal a person is becoming high. It’s difficult to say whether problems are the cause of difficulties or the effect. Some mental distress can be linked to physical or sexual abuse in the past. Others cite genetic influences as the cause. Changes in brain chemistry may be the result of trauma or the cause of the condition. Much research still needs to be done on mental health issues.

What Treatment do I need.?

Medication can play a very important role for some people with mental health issues. Others may gain from CBT therapy alone, while others may gain from a combination of medication and CBT therapy. Taking positive action to help yourself and exploring all the options available to you is important. Voluntary self help groups and registered bodies e.g. CBT counselling, may prove useful in conjunction with medical help.

Are you limited by a Physical Disability?

Physical disability whether acquired or biological can cause limitations on a day to day basis for people. Lack of social outlets can be difficult for people with physical disabilities. Other distresses such as lack of independence, letting go of the loss of a current life while trying to embrace a different life may also prove to be traumatic for certain people. A person may need extra supports in coming to terms with life changes.If you believe a supportive  confidential counselling service could help you give call Sheelagh at 086.823 1670