Couple Counselling

How could Couple Counselling help me?

“We are born in relationship, we are wounded in relationship and we can be healed in relationship.”

(Harville Hendrix.Helen La Kelly Hunt)

Inside of our marriages, families, churches, friendships and places of work we cannot promise that we won’t disappoint each other  (Ronald Rolheiser)

Any relationship whether heterosexual or homosexual can be “heaven” at times and may be “hell” at other times.

John Gottman, a leading researcher on relationships found that a negative comment can wipe out the effect of 25 positive comments. So if there is five times as much positive feeling and interaction between couples as there is negative interactions the relationship is likely to be stable.

DancingPairDo you feel there is room for improvement in the way communication works in your relationship.?

Do you feel you need to develop safe ways of resolving conflicts or solving problems.?

  • The ability to communicate and deal with conflict is the biggest predictor of how successful the relationship will be.
  • Do any of these patterns feel familiar to you in your relationship?
    • Escalation. i. Allowing the argument to get out of hand
    • Invalidation .i.  not acknowledging or putting the other down
    • Avoidance and withdrawal
    • Negative Interpretations of what the other says.

What happens in a Couple counselling session?

Having jointly agreed on the working contract , the facilitator  facilitates the couple to clarify their current issues, in a safe, confidential space, which is non judgmental. Couples are encouraged to be respectful of each other,despite the conflicts they may have. Attentive listening to each other is encouraged , and joint tasks may be devised that both agree on and commit to over a number of sessions.

What qualifications do Counsellors have for Relationship counselling?

Many counsellors train in general counselling and become registered with registration bodies such as IACP.

Some counsellors then undertake couple counselling training as an add on to their training.

I have worked and trained as an Accord counsellor for the past number of years, working with individuals and couples in Counselling.So if you feel you would like to commit to a series of sessions to enrich or alternatively to improve your current relationship why not give me a call at 086.823 1670