Are you suffering from bereavement or are you bereaved through the suicide of a loved one?

Have you asked yourself why, what could have been different, did you do enough or are you feeling shocked by the unknown, unanswered questions that will never be answered.Various reactions occur with major loss. Some stages of grief are commonly experienced and it can be helpful to understand that intense emotions and changes in mood are normal. Often an initial feeling of numbness can later be replaced with a deep longing for the person and anger and guilt are common emotions.  Often there appears to be agitation, lack of concentration or sleep and experiencing intense sadness and depression are emotions often felt by the bereaved.

Are you refusing to acknowledge the loss and prolonging the pain, or dealing with feelings as they arise. There may be mixed feelings towards the deceased, regret, and difficulties expressing feelings, but this is all part of the process of grieving.

Do you believe that the emotional pain you feel will ease, though may never completely disappear but gradually the loss can be integrated into you life.


Why do people choose to end their lives?

None of us can truly judge the emotional pain of another. Sometimes life becomes too difficult for people and the option of taking their own lives can appear to be the less painful option. The pain is rarely obvious to others and so can lead to isolation, depression, and despair as the person who is suicidal may be unable to seek the support they need, and the struggle to stay alive can become overwhelming in the face of the pain.

Counselling has a great deal to offer those who live with this struggle. It can facilitate the person in creating choices in their lives and enable them to see that support is there no matter what the problem.

Bereavement through Suicide

Those bereaved through suicide often wonder what they missed or what they could have done. Often this is accompanied by feelings of guilt, re living their last moments with the deceased. Counselling can help people explore these difficult feelings and it can provide support and assistance for coping with how the death has impacted on them.

If you recognise yourself as having any of these feelings why not get the help you deserve , that your loved one may not have been able to avail of.

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