Alcohol/Family Issues

Could you have Developed Patterns through a family Dysfunction.?

Have you taken on a particular role in your family in order to survive some dysfunction whether alcohol or depression or some other family disorder?. Some people can take on roles to cope with the pain of dealing with the distress .


Chief Enabler

Are you the person who is most relied on?. As the alcoholic/depressive loses control,  are you the chief enabler who takes on more and more of the family responsibilities and so enables the alcoholic avoid responsibility.

Family Hero

Or are you the family hero , maybe the oldest child who works hard and achieves great success in work or exams to gain self worth. Are you the one who is sensitive to the family’s problems and yet  feel like a failure when the alcoholic’s behaviour doesn’t change. Are you emotionally attached to your parents problems or are you also attracted to people who might be alcohol dependant in your own relationships from and being emotionally attached to certain  unhealthy  behaviours.


Or could you possibly be the second in the family, the scapegoat  who often brings negative attention to the family by getting into trouble getting hurt or withdrawing.  Do you  feel rejected and receive only negative attention, which  has led you to seek comfort  by being prone to addiction  or suicidal tendencies rather than learning to express the real deal with your true feelings.

Lost Child

Or could you feel like the lost child  who offers relief for the family by taking care of personal problems and avoiding trouble. The family ignore the child, who then may have to face problems alone, resulting in loneliness. Some lost children often treasure pets, and material possessions and may have physical health problems


Or are you the “funny ” one in the family providing relief and humour for the family . Some mascots display hyperactive behaviour and tend to be independent. Could the  underlying emotion be fear.?

These roles without been recognised may be carried into other relationships, work situations, friendships, and into further generations. However with awareness and exploration of these roles in counselling, changes can be made to achieve more healthy and satisfying relationships.

So why not learn a greater self awareness about yourself and enhance your life today…what have you to lose.

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