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Available Services

Alcoholism www.alcoholics     091-567807 Alcohol addiction Service   091-755883 Alcohol Treatment Centre. Coolarne  091-797102            01-8732699 Domestic Violence Support for women experiencing domestic violence                            091-564920 Support for male victims of domestic violence Waterside House Refuge -  Support for women experiencing domestic violence. Outreach service  available.      091-565985 Bereavement/Suicide Support to people bereaved through suicide                         091-537333 Relationships Support for […]

Counselling Approaches

Are you unsure of what kind of Counselling could help? Many various approaches to counselling exist and many people are confused in trying to figure what approach suits them best. Many counsellors use a variety of approaches but some specific approaches suit certain issues and clients. CBT/Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Key Figure: Aaron Beck. CBT assists […]